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  Central Coast Baby Toddler Preschooler Music

Give your child the single best start in life by enrolling in Kindermusik. With more than 30 years experience in early childhood development, Kindermusik is the world's most respected name in muscial learning. Kindermusik aids your child's physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social and musical development. You don't need to have any muscial experience for you and your child to benefit from Kindermusik. It's a fun, interactive, developmentally appropriate music and movement program for children from newborn to seven years. Have a look at our classes to see what's on and which class is right for you and your child.


Did you know that everyone has a natural voice and musicality, but if it is not developed before 5 years of age, it is harder (not impossible, but harder) to develop later on? Through the use of finger plays and age-appropriate instruments, Kindermusik also lays the physical foundations crucial for the fine motor ambidexterity necessary for future instrument instruction. By stimulating both left and right brain hemispheres simultaneously, we also create the balance between technical and creative skills, which are of equal importance in musicianship. Musical vocal play and chants develop your childs vocal chords, correct breathing, tongue and mouth muscles. These are all essential for correct speech and singing. Musical storytime is the glue, which brings all the elements together, creating symbiotic and thematic learning. AND the kids love it!


Beginning with Kindermusik Cuddle and Bounce or Sing and Play, you learn how to be musical with your baby in a warm, community-minded environment. You will also understand how music develops your baby physically, cognitively, vocally, emotionally and socially. The journey continues with a high emphasis on fun with parental involvement in the Wiggle and Grow for toddlers and creative Laugh and Learn and Move and Groove for pre-schoolers. Post Kindermusik, we offer the hugely popular Encore on Keys and Encore on Strings.


Already musical? you will love singing all the songs, the quality of the beautiful musical arrangements of the music downloads, the extensive cultural influence of the musical selection and the wide-range of familiar and unusual instruments/props used in class. PLUS the exciting NEW digital @Home musical learning materials make the learning super portable so you can access Kindermusik on your mobile device anywhere.


If you think you have no musical ability, then take heart, we will dig deep and find it! We hope that your own musical confidence will grow and you will be singing and playing the music to your baby/child yourself at home and enhancing their learning with the wonderful digital @Home Materials.


With Musicrazy, you will be one step ahead of your child all the way through their musical learning, so that once they are onto their first instrument instruction you will be able to help them, just as you do with their other school subjects.