Level 1 Young Toddler
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Level 1 Young Toddler

Kindermusik Sing and Play Baby class lays the foundations for your baby’s musical learning. We sing, dance, play instruments and have lots of relaxing fun. We help educate you too, by demonstrating activities that aid your baby’s overall development as well as with your own musical development! Maximum 6 per class.

“Your class has been the highlight of the week every week and helped keep us all positive at a challenging time in limbo.”

“I have been going to Musicrazy with my two children for nearly four years now. The kids both look forward to the classes, love them when they are in them and talk about them afterwards. Jude puts boundless energy into the planning and implementation of the classes. My kids have learnt there is a time for noisy and a time for quiet – a time for being crazy and a time to sit still. They love all the movement and involvement in the class and love the quiet times for reflection and learning. They are learning so much in each class and they don’t even realise. The skills learnt in musicrazy transfer to home and school!” Rebecca Binns