Level 2 – Older Toddler
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Level 2 – Older Toddler

Kindermusik Wiggle and Grow focuses on your toddler’s healthy emotional development as their confidence, curiosity, self-control, and communication begin to grow. Instrument exploration nurtures their self-esteem and facilitates their discovery of textures and sounds.Language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation, rhyming and object identification. Creative dancing to different musical moods develops their sense of balance, timing and spatial awareness while affirming the urge to move. The anticipation of listening is introduced and with turn-taking activities social skills begin to blossom! Maximum 8 per class. 

This class is currently not running.

“Elisa is singing a lot more at home now and associates the Music from the cds with many things. James also enjoys the music and although he is more clingy in class I can see him starting to become more confident. Thanks for another great year of Music in our lives and I look forward to next year.”

“Thankyou very much for a wonderful class this year. The girls absolutely LOVE it. We have the kindermusik cds playing whenever we drive anywhere and the girl’s take it in turns to choose their favourites!”