Level 3 Preschoolers
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Level 3 Preschoolers

Kindermusik Laugh and Learn is the perfect music program for the pre-schooler with the burgeoning imagination. We sing, we dance, we play instruments, just as in all other pre-school music programs, with the added bonus of digital @home craft projects (for the budding creative artist), musical learning activities and ebooks to develop early literacy. This is all done to a wonderful backdrop of varied musical styles (jazz/classical/world/traditional and contemporary music) and bases it’s teaching philosophy on the ideas of Piaget/Dalcroze/Kodaly and Orff. Maximum 8 per class.

“Joshy loves his Friday morning “singing lessons with Jude”, its his favourite day of the week.”

“I often wonder if anyone can hear us when we are in the car, we are always singing to the radio, your Cds.  I am always amazed that there are certain songs that must have a specific beat that get my two going.  We ususally have music time at home at least once in the week, but I need to get a few more instruments so to avoid arguments. Nicole and Matthew really enjoy your classes (I do too).”